Business impact

Port Townsend — A small community business incubator

Everybody needs a chance to thrive. How businesses leaders, Not for profits and individuals work to create a vibrant community. Everyone has to find their own Port Townsend to survive

Portland — Connecting small businesses

The small business community is a fabric rich in local connections. We are in this together and can help each other. Meet entrepreneurs in the maker community, a person who made a business using a bike-powered delivery service, and the organizations that support them.

Local Living Economy — Whidbey Island, WA 
“A strong social safety net runs through everything we do. We work together.”

Business owners of South Whidbey Island, WA, discuss projects and initiatives which have transformed and enhanced the relationships and culture of this small community, from an email list that brings consumers and businesses together to a commercial kitchen and bakery rolled into one. The recurring theme is one of deep connection: that we're "in this together," and "together, we are stronger."

Bellingham is one of the most progressive communities in the country. A collaborative, human-centered, philosophy that business can be a powerful partner in relationship building successful outcomes. And the work continues!

Union Street Business Association

BLM, Bringing black businesses together, economics