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Hózhó: The Living Beauty in Spirit Farm's Journey

In the recent Thriving Communities Gathering, the Spirit Farm film premiere became a profound touchstone for the audience, thanks to the insightful introduction by James Skeet, who is of Navajo descent. He introduced us to Hózhó, a foundational element of Navajo philosophy that describes an existence steeped in harmony, balance, and beauty.

Presenters at the Thriving Communities Gathering Event
James and Joyce Skeet of Spirit Farm. Photo by Clancy Dunigan

James Skeet shared a vision of life that is seen and felt through every action and interaction, stating, "That word [Hózhó] when you say it goes all the way around the earth and comes back. To walk in beauty is to walk in these indigenous fractals, indigenous natural views, and that's what you're going to see in this film: It is really our attempt at trying to live life, not from capital gains or colonization or industrialization, but really to break that down. We're undressing what we've learned." This profound reflection was not just on the word Hózhó but on how we engage with the world.

The film embodies the Hózhó principle, capturing the ethos of Spirit Farm's endeavors to cultivate a way of living that honors the earth and its cycles. It's an intimate look at how we can strip back the layers of colonial and industrial imprints to reveal a path that aligns with the wisdom of indigenous perspectives.

As James and Joyce Skeet presented the film, they offered a glimpse into a lifestyle that eschews the conventional for a rhythm more attuned to the natural world. Hózhó, as portrayed in the film, becomes an experience where one walks in step with beauty, encapsulating a life lived in harmony with the 'indigenous fractals'—the intricate patterns of nature that guide a sustainable and respectful existence.

The film is a visual narrative of Spirit Farm's journey and a call to all of us to reconsider our paths. It's a reminder that we can choose to 'undress' the learned layers of exploitation and detachment to clothe ourselves in practices that foster a more connected and harmonious world.

The concept of Hózhó is a reminder to walk in beauty, revere the natural world, and build our lives around the principles of balance and respect that have sustained indigenous cultures for centuries. Let this be a guiding force: Embrace the resonance of Hózhó in daily life and our communities.

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