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Rising, Rooted,
and Resilient

How regenerative farming supports community revitalization.

Interweaving stories of community, farming, and sustainability, Thriving Communities' 2024 films in focus share the stories of five incredible organizations from as many different regions around the U.S.

What is farming if not community connectedness to nature, soil, and the human spirit?  

Rising, Rooted, and Resilient: Revitalizing Community Through Regenerative Farming

Join us on a journey across the United States as we film the inspiring stories of five extraordinary organizations and the individuals behind them who are reawakening their communities through sustainable agriculture, cultural reconnection, and the power of resilience. Our 2024 film campaign, "Rising, Rooted, and Resilient," showcases the unwavering spirit and innovative practices that are shaping a brighter future for us all.

2024 Films in Production


Malik Yakini, DBCFSN Photo: University of Michigan

Detroit Black Community Food Security Network (Detroit, MI)

In the heart of Detroit, the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network (DBCFSN) is leading a food justice movement. Led by the visionary Malik Yakini, the DBCFSN is transforming the city's food system, putting equity and community ownership at the forefront. Through proactive initiatives like the Detroit People's Food Co-Op and D-Town Farm, they are creating a model for sustainable, just, and thriving urban communities.



Coast Salish Youth Coalition (San Juan Islands, WA)

On the pristine San Juan Islands of Washington, the Coast Salish Youth Coalition (CSYC) is rekindling the connection between indigenous youth and their ancestral lands, traditions, and each other. Founded by Erin Licata and Sam Barr, the CSYC offers a powerful blend of cultural learning, environmental stewardship, and youth empowerment, ensuring that the wisdom of the past is carried forward by the leaders of tomorrow.


coast salish.jpeg

Coast Salish Youth Coalition. Photo: The Madrona Institute


Corbin Scholz, Rainbow Roots Farm. Photo: Rainbow Roots Farm

Rainbow Roots Farm (Iowa City, IA)

In the fertile heartland of Iowa, 26-year-old Corbin Scholz is sowing the seeds of change at Rainbow Roots Farm. As a young woman in a male-dominated industry, Scholz is breaking down barriers and demonstrating the power of local, sustainable agriculture. Her commitment to soil health, women farmers, community well-being, and food access is an inspiration to farmers and food advocates everywhere.


iLOGIC™ (Eutaw , Alabama)

Deep in the rural heart of Alabama, Tannur "SheWrightz" Ali is using her multifaceted talents to empower her community through art, activism, and agriculture. As the founder of iLOGIC™ (Institute for the Love Of Genius In Communities) and a trailblazer for Black women in farming, Ali is cultivating a legacy of creativity, community-building, and resilience that will inspire generations to come.


iLOGIC™ Farm Photo: iLOGIC™

ilogic alabama.webp
red acre farm

Sara Patterson (l), Red Acre Farm Photo: Red Acre Farm

Red Acre Farms CSA (Cedar City, UT)

In the vibrant community of Cedar City, Utah, 28-year-old Sara Patterson is cultivating a brighter future at Red Acre Farms CSA. Through her dedication to organic practices, community-supported agriculture, and local food systems, Patterson is nurturing not only the land but also the resilience and health of her community through legislation and innovation. Her story exhibits the transformative impact of a young leader in sustainable agriculture.


Documenting Change

By showcasing the incredible work of these organizations through captivating films, engaging storytelling, and community connection, our 2024 film campaign "Rising, Rooted, and Resilient" aims to inspire and inform audiences about the potential of regenerative agriculture, community engagement and cultural revitalization to heal and nurture communities.

Rid-All Farm Film.png

Inspiring Action

Through the power of documentary filmmaking and our annual Gathering, we bring these stories to life, offering intimate glimpses into the struggles, triumphs, and dedication of individuals and communities.


We hope to spark meaningful conversations, foster connections, and inspire others to take action in their own lives and communities.

Gathering 2024

A Transformative Experience

  • Connect with like-minded change-makers from across the U.S.

  • Learn from inspiring leaders and innovative organizations

  • Gain practical skills and insights for implementing regenerative practices

  • Explore the stunning natural beauty of Whidbey Island

  • Be part of a growing community committed to social and environmental justice

Join us! Get notified as soon as registration opens for Gathering 2024: Rising, Rooted, and Resilient happening at the Whidbey Institute in Clinton, WA November 7-9.

Drop your name and email here to get early notification when registration opens.

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