We believe that sharing stories helps us understand ourselves and each other.  

Please join us in supporting thriving communities.

Thriving Communities initiative grew out of the inspirations/ machinations of Jerry Millhon with his work at the Whidbey Institute. TC began as a call to action; to tell stories about people and processes that celebrate neighborhoods or communities as they grow. For eight years we have deeply listened to thriving communities, to support and uphold their stories thru filmmaking, we shared these stories,  as a gift of shared inspiration for those interested. With this, we have had held a deep focus on the root structures of humanity and beyond. We have learned so much. Our lens has been focused on the needs of any human, including stories about resilience highlighting food, water, shelter, art, health, and wellness.


Nine years later, our evolution begins again with Thriving Communities 2.0. We are shifting from eights years of foundation work of listening deeply and making films that highlight our common connection through basic root structures of humanity to a new deeper investigation of the inchoate. 


This includes a focus on inclusivity, diversity of storytellers, and furthering our community engagement. Our inquiry includes the beautiful, learning, teachable, parts that are sometimes not easy to unpack or discuss. TC 2.0 is making films and supporting continued conversations that inspire us all. We are still telling stories about thriving communities, but we’re continuing to explore additional topics of invisibility, inequality, and the unseen.  


We are turning over stones to learn more about the power and spirit of community in our lives and the world.

We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results.





a group of people with whom you share similar values and interests and where you experience a sense of belonging



a feeling of deep relatedness and acceptance; a feeling of "I would rather be here

than anywhere else"