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Connecting Communities 
Through Film

Thriving Communities is a national organization dedicated to producing films that catalyze community action.

Films, Involvement, and Action

Purpose, Mission and Vision

Tell Your Story, Volunteer, Partner

What We Do

Documenting Social Good

Thriving Communities produces inspiring stories of individuals and organizations making a positive impact in their communities. Our films are donated to the organizations featured in each story.

Inspiring Connection and Action

We bring together community members and leaders who share a passion for social good and meet at Gatherings to learn from each other and inspire action. We aim to help more people get involved in building a better world.

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2024 Film Campaign

What does it mean to rise above adversity, stay rooted in our values, and cultivate resilience?


Our 2024 film campaign & Gathering, "Rising, Rooted, and Resilient," explores these questions through the inspiring stories of individuals and communities who are transforming their lives and landscapes through regenerative farming, cultural revitalization, and the power of connection.

Love our films? Tap into the stories of the changemakers.

The Thriving Communities Podcast, 'Inside Shift,' takes you beyond the screen into the minds of the changemakers behind the organizations transforming communities. Listen.


Who We Are

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called forth a global vision of beloved community, in which all people share in the wealth of the earth—a society based on justice, equity, non-violence, and love. His extraordinary work and vision leads the Thriving Communities mission.


"Thriving Communities explores the positive power of community action where that action comes from the people in the community not from anyone else." 

- Jerry Millhon, Founder, Thriving Communities

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Partner Testimonial

"The most meaningful part of the process of working with Thriving Communities was the kindness and professionalism demonstrated by their entire team!  Their documentary film took our organization to a totally different level of exposure and credibility and told our story in a most compelling way that touched the hearts and minds of our entire community."

- Randell McShepard, Co-Founder, Rid-All Green Partnership

Randy McShepard.JPG

Randy McShepard (center) and Keymah Durden (left), founders of Rid-All Green Partnership in Cleveland, Ohio and Aharon Ben Keymah (right), founder of the P.O.D. Project at Rid-All from the Thriving Communitieis Gathering 2023.

Community Stories Across America

What's New

Our work would not
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