Now more than ever, stories and community matter. 
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We create films and host gatherings that spotlight leaders, activists and ordinary people who make a profound difference in our community.

We are a movement. We are artists and creators. We are changemakers. We are YOU.

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Stories help us understand ourselves and each other. In the shadow of COVID and Black Lives Matter, now more than ever your story and your ability to connect with others matter.

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Film is a catalyst for change, and so are you.
Clouds in Sky
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Clouds in Sky
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Celebrating the untold story about four women who mounted an all-out civil rights campaign to create a movement establishing the first-ever disability rights law in the United States, WA HB 90. The disability civil rights movement's prevailing themes are of community, justice, and equity. As with every other civil rights movement, the fight for disability rights is one that challenges negative attitudes and pushes back against oppression.

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What happens when our vets walk out the door after their service in the military? Some resume their lives in a normal fashion. Many do not. Where is the safety net? Island County, WA, has more veterans than any other in the state of Washington. This is a story of support, care, and coming home that makes a difference to men and women who have served our country.

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The powerful journey of Toyia Taylor who started with a few students in grade school exploring how they could express their life journey by writing and speaking their truth. Today, Toyia has worked with over 500 families and her programming is offered in four Seattle Public Schools. Toyia and her team are changing lives each day.

TOYIA TAYLOR: Talk to Your Future Self
Clouds in Sky

Reveals how an integrated community began and exists today in spite of the challenges of racial inequity, redlining, and segregation. This is a powerful film for any community seeking opportunities to grow in an equitable and fair manner. This is a story of another way of living and being that needs to be told. PREVIEW COMING SOON!

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Film is an inroad to connection and collaboration.
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