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Welcome to the Inside Shift Podcast

Have you ever pondered the inner workings of change-makers' minds? The Thriving Communities Podcast, 'Inside Shift,' takes you into our films as we explore the resilience and strategic gameplay of the mindset of individuals transforming communities.


Season 1

Episode 4 - How Students Find Their Voice Through Nonprofit Speak with Purpose

In this inspiring episode of Inside Shift, host Anna Zefferys sits down with Toyia Taylor, the visionary founder of Speak With Purpose. Toyia shares her journey from a shy student finding her voice through journaling to creating a groundbreaking program that empowers youth to express themselves confidently. Speak With Purpose brings public speaking training into the classroom, transforming students from silent observers to passionate leaders. Toyia discusses the challenges and triumphs of growing the program and shares moving stories of scholars like one student, who went from hyperventilating with fear to winning a speaking competition. Toyia's enthusiasm is contagious as she describes her vision for Speak With Purpose to become a nationwide initiative, giving every student the tools to advocate for themselves. She also explains how the community can get involved, from attending their annual showcase at Benaroya Hall this year (2024) to "adopting" a classroom. Whether you're an educator, parent, or simply someone who believes in the power of self-expression, this episode will leave you inspired by how Speak With Purpose is changing young lives, one passionate speech at a time. Tune in to learn more about Toyia's work and how you can be part of the mission.

Learn more about Speak with Purpose:

Attend the Rising Voices event at Benaroya Hall:

Watch the Thriving Communities film on Speak with Purpose:

Episode 3 - Breaking Barriers: The Journey of Martize Tolbert and The Fountain Fund

In this compelling episode of "Inside Shift," we explore a story of regeneration, transformation, and hope that transcends the confines of the criminal justice system. Host Anna Zefferys of Thriving Communities engages with Martize Tolbert, the National Director at the Fountain Fund. Unlike any conventional narrative, "Tez's" story and the mission of the Fountain Fund illuminate the path to empowerment through financial independence for incarcerated individuals. Set against societal challenges and systemic barriers, Tez's work with the Fountain Fund shines a light on the organization's efforts to provide loans, financial advice, and a way forward for formerly incarcerated individuals, showcasing a deep commitment to fostering resilience, rebuilding lives, and enhancing community well-being. Throughout this conversation, Tez shares his transformative journey from overcoming personal adversities to leading a pioneering initiative that bridges gaps in financial accessibility. He recounts the hurdles many face as they reintegrate into society and the profound impact of the Fountain Fund in catalyzing positive change. Through stories of success and ongoing challenges, Martize illustrates the power of belief, the importance of second chances, and the enduring spirit of community support.

Join us on Inside Shift as we delve into the heart of a movement changing individual lives and reshaping our understanding of justice, rehabilitation, and the potential for collective healing.


Watch the Fountain Fund Film Produced by Thriving Communities.

Learn more about The Fountain Fund.

Episode 2 - Growing Roots with James and Joyce Skeet: Founders of Spirit Farm

In this inspiring episode of "Inside Shift," we journey to the heart of the New Mexico desert to uncover a story of resilience, innovation, and the profound connection between land and legacy. Host Anna Zefferys of Thriving Communities welcomes James and Joyce Skeet, the visionary founders of Spirit Farm. This regenerative oasis reflects the power of traditional Navajo farming practices intertwined with modern sustainable agriculture. Amidst the challenging landscapes of the Southwest, where arid conditions and unpredictable climates prevail, the Skeets have cultivated more than just crops; they've nurtured a movement towards healing the earth and the community. Spirit Farm emerges as a model for resilience in the face of environmental and societal challenges through its dedication to soil health, biodiversity, and indigenous regenerative farming principles. In this intimate conversation, James and Joyce share their journey from the inception of Spirit Farm to its current role as a hub for education, empowerment, and environmental stewardship. They delve into the obstacles they've overcome, from battling the harsh New Mexico climate to confronting the systemic issues facing Indigenous farmers. They reveal how their work is sowing the seeds of change for future generations.

Watch the Spirit Farm Film Trailer 

Learn more about Spirit Farm 

Episode 1 - Breathing Green: A Green Oasis in Cleveland

Can you imagine an oasis in your city? In this special episode, we dive into the heart of the Prolific Oxygen Dome (POD) Project at Rid-All Green Partnership in Cleveland, Ohio. Join us as we explore this extraordinary venture with creator Aharon Ben Keymah, uncovering how a visionary idea blossomed into an urban oasis. Discover how the POD Project transforms lives and revitalizes a community, proving that green spaces can catalyze social and environmental change.

Watch the Thriving Communities film trailer on Rid-All Green Partnership.

Learn more about the Prolific Achievers Academy

Learn more about THE UAI

Learn more about The POD Project

Learn more about Rid-All Farm

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