Thriving Communities Impact and Reach

Our work has connected to and supported thriving community movements across the U.S. Each of our films makes an impact-both big and small.

One film partner has raised over $1 Million dollars using the film we produced.

A recent gathering brought together a volunteer who helped write a grant for their work. It was successful!

One Thriving Communities Gathering inspired three new organizations within that community.

Beloved communities abound and we have connected 5 in different states.

We have opened film possibilities with youth as they produced films about their communities. Three of those students have gone on to become filmmakers.

One series of films and discussion at a gathering introduced small gardens in an behind a library that provided food to the community.

Thriving Communities partnered with an organization to produce a gathering that inspired others in that community.

Cross-country connections occurred when a unique community gardening concept moved from one community to another 1000 miles away.

Land trusts have been a focus of our work and we have opened discussions with many communities about the possibilities today.

About Us

The idea for Thriving Communities came from our founder Jerry Millhon, a nonprofit leader who wanted to help those making a meaningful impact within their communities tell their stories. Thriving Communities is a nonprofit organization based in Freeland, Washington that connects communities across the US through documentary films of remarkable people and organizations doing uncommon work for the common good. Our films communicate collaboration and problem-solving for the greater good to stimulate ideas and positive action.

We have produced films since 2012, underwritten by people who have the vision of a better world. We donate the films we create back to the organizations we feature and work with them to engage others through in-person or virtual film screenings to share and promote positive change.

The Whidbey Institute on Whidbey Island, outside of Seattle, WA., is our fiscal agent. We are a small operations team with advisors from all over the country. 

Our movement is framed by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Beloved Communities philosophy.


With films and gatherings, we are creating a world with a deep sense of belonging. 


We believe in the power of stories to connect us and help us understand one another.

The people behind Thriving Communities are filmmakers, activists, nonprofit leaders and listeners.