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Your Questions Answered

Questions we are frequently asked...

How do I share a story idea?

Got a story idea for us? Great! Please tell us more about it by completing this form. We depend on connections with our community to keep us strong and tuned to the stories of common people doing uncommon work for the common good.

How do I screen a Thriving Communities film in my community?

We ask that you complete this quick form so we can monitor the ripple impact that our films are having and help you in any way you might need. All TC films are public and fair use.

We hope the films will be used for educational content, catalyzing discussion and community action around these critical issues.


I want to share feedback on a film. Thank you in advance!

We are always looking to improve. Please share more in this Film Feedback Form.

How do I collaborate with Thriving Communities? 

Tell us more about what you're up to by completing this form.

Looking for information about an Event or Gathering? Please contact us.


Are you curious about our History and Operations?


Annual Operating Budget
$125,000 goes to producing three films a year that are donated back to each organization featured in the film; a team of three, including our film director, operations leader, and marketing + communications director; travel and expense to support the attendance of select guests at our yearly gathering and other related events; event-related expenses for our Gatherings including materials, artwork, and event planning.

Nonprofit Status

Thriving Communities is a nonprofit organization fiscally sponsored by the Whidbey Institute. Our tax ID is: Tax ID: 31-1518700

Charity Navigator Score

How many films has Thriving Communities produced so far?

Thriving Communities produced 60 films from 2012 to 2023 and continues to make two to three films yearly.


When was Thriving Communities founded?

Thriving Communities was founded in 2012.

What do we mean by "Thriving Communities"?

At Thriving Communities, we leverage the power of storytelling and film to ignite community engagement and foster transformative dialogue. By highlighting the impactful stories of change-makers and their communities and creating forums for learning, we provide a stage for these narratives and inspire broader action.

Since our inception, we have focused on the following themes as indicators of Thriving Communities, based on the input from our trusted Advisors and stakeholders around the globe: Food, Local Economy, Health, Shelter, Water, Arts & Culture, Youth, Trauma, Belonging, Prison Reform & Re-entry, and Regenerative Agriculture.

Which Thriving Communities are you?

"Thriving Community" is broadly used to describe genuinely flourishing communities. It is also used as a proper name by various organizations. We are a US-based media nonprofit specializing in short documentary films about grassroots projects that grow community power and resilience.


How does Thriving Communities choose who we feature in a film?

After the premiere of each year's films at our Gathering of organizations and community leaders, we pause to reflect and review the year's work and sense the direction of future themes. Partner organizations are often referred to us or encountered along the journey as we share the stories of the people and organizations we film.

What happens to the films after they're made?

The films are made to give back to the featured organizations in each movie. Before that, we hold a Gathering in the fall, where we bring all participants in the film, like-minded community organizations, leaders, and interested community members together to discuss the themes and stories presented in each documentary. The partner organization guides the release of the film. We post the movies on our website and Vimeo when they are officially designated public by the partner organization.

How do I get involved?

Thriving Communities produces new films in the fall of each year. The door is open to anyone who wants to screen or share the films within their organizations or communities. The best way to support Thriving Communities is by sharing our films and igniting a discussion in your town.

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