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Gus Newport was an activist, humanitarian, friend to all, and effective leader

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

In honor of Gus Newport April 4, 1935 – June 17, 2023

Activist, Humanitarian, Friend to Strangers, and Effective Leader, Vibrantly alive until he passed!

We bid farewell to this "ole country boy" who plowed fields of mercy in barren places and seeded hope in the hearts of many.

Gus Newport joined Thriving Communities as an advisor in 2017. His impact in every Thriving Communities Gathering, his presence in every filming engagement, and in our advisory time left a legacy of hope and clarity built around the concept of Beloved Community. He spoke with such depth of experience as his life was lived with extreme concern for the welfare of those “under-resourced communities” regardless of age, race, or economic circumstance. The stories he shared of his life and things he had experienced, although told many times, always inspired, always connected to the topic at hand. For the team of advisors and for so many in the world he met, Gus leaves both a blessed space and a challenge through his inspired legacy for us to reach higher to create Beloved Community in every space we encounter.

We have been receiving requests to honor Gus. A formal response to honor him is underway. We will respond soon

Gus Statement
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