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Reflecting on a Night of Community: The Film Screening of Regenerating Community

Updated: Jun 11

On the evening of May 11, the Rainier Beach Community Club hosted an inspiring screening of the documentary Regenerating Community, presented by Meaningful Movies. This event showcased the profound transformation within Cleveland's 'Forgotten Triangle' and served as a platform for community engagement and discussion on sustainable urban development.

Jerry Millhon, Thriving Communities

The documentary, directed by Jerry Millhon of Thriving Communities, focuses on the revitalization of a once-neglected neighborhood through the efforts of the Rid-All Green Partnership. This journey from an illegal dumping ground to a flourishing urban farm embodies the power of community vision and perseverance.

Gregory Davis, Rainier Beach Action Coalition

The screening was enriched by the presence of notable community leaders and advocates for social justice and sustainability, including Melinda Raebyne from Meaningful Movies and Gregory Davis, affectionately known as “the mayor of Rainier Beach.” Davis, a pivotal figure in local community development, shared insights into the significant progress in neighborhood coalition-building and crime reduction in Rainier Beach. His stories underscored the community's resilience and the collective action that has shaped the area over the years.

Nuhaliza Mohamath, Rainier Beach Action Coalition

Nurhaliza Mohamath, the Food Justice Coordinator at RBAC, also graced the event. She brought her unique perspective on food justice, shaped by her Cham heritage and passion for community service. Her work in the community, especially around food sovereignty and educational outreach, highlights the interconnectedness of culture, history, and sustainability.

The film and the following discussions show how urban agriculture can catalyze community empowerment and environmental stewardship. The audience was moved by the documentary’s portrayal of community members who are not only reclaiming their land but creating a path to a sustainable future.

We thank everyone who joined us for this enlightening evening and extend our gratitude to Meaningful Movies and the Rainier Beach Community Club for hosting this impactful event.

Watch the trailer for Regenerating Community.



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