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Anne Jess Captures the Essence of Gathering 2023 Through Art

For those who aren't familiar with Anne Jess of the Doodle Biz and the Thriving Communities Board, she has a unique talent for capturing the essence of storytelling through her art. Her latest project at the Thriving Communities Gathering 2023 showcases this gift spectacularly. Anne's large canvases serve as a visual storyline of the event, where each stroke and color brings to life the varied tales and sentiments woven through the films and speakers who presented. Through her artwork, she provides a dynamic and colorful retrospective of the communal narratives and the spirit of connection that animated this year's gathering. Thank you, Anne!

Illustration of the power of Spirit Farm
Spirit Farm, Illustrated by Anne Jess

Illustration of Rid-All Farm
Rid-All Farm Illustrated by Anne Jess

Organic Farm School Illustrated by Anne Jess
Organic Farm School Illustrated by Anne Jess

Faraji Bhakti of Yoga Behind Bars takes it to the next level with this spoken word performance about the illustrated stories of Spirit Farm, Rid-All Farm and the Organic Farm Shool. Check it out!

Watch the trailers for the films at Gathering 2023 here.

Common people doing uncommon work for the common good.


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