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Building Beloved Community Premiere

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

On May 24th many gathered on Zoom to celebrate El Centro de la Raza and the power of story through film.

This community which started 50 years ago has become one of the most vivid examples in the country of building a Beloved Community, welcoming all people, and sustaining the community through a common purpose. Comments flowed throughout the time together:

Inspired, as is the sense of community and contribution behind this film.

What a set of jewels these stories are — shining light through some of the dark news of the day.

Great job, El Centro and Estela and team's leadership to create space for self reflection that leads into building the beloved community you have. Doing the heart work that is the hard work. ❤️

THANK YOU ALL so very much for being the incredible LOVE that El Centro IS ... we ARE changing the world for GOOD 🙂 i am VERY. grateful to be a part of this magnificent community who travel with the high thoughts 🙂

Here's to fifty more years and beyond! ❤️ Congrats to El Centro and the whole team for modeling the love in our community. :)

If you’re still looking for inspiration, meet an organization also inspired by Dr. King’s dream. Thriving Communities creates films and hosts gatherings that spotlight leaders, activists, and ordinary people who are inspired to build more Beloved Communities.



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